Simple and effective tips of Google Adsense marketing

Adsense marketing is one of the easiest ways of earning money using yours website or blog. Doing such kind of marketing is very easy. All it needs is AdSense marketing templates. These easily available templates can be customized as per one’s need and requirements. Use them to upload your ads and write content about them and that’s it. Now just wait and watch how your website is making you big money. In this article we are going to discuss some very simple and effective tips which will help you use Adsense marketing in better way. These tips are as follows:-

  • Placement of the ad is the most important thing to get best results. Place your ads where it can be easily viewed by visitors. It is always preferred to place these ads in the upper and side part of the page. Placing them in the bottom will not be much fruitful as very less people will be reaching to that part of the page.
    Never make your ad look like a typical ad Make them look like a part of your website. For better results make their background same as the background of your page. Apart from that use more neutral colors that don’t looks too much bright such as blue, green etc.
    Always use a 336 by 228 frame size. By doing this will help your ads look more like a part of the website which returns will attract clicks.
    Always track all your clicks. This will help you get information about those pages which are unable to attract clicks. This page then can be tweaked by adding content and various other information’s to make the sites attractive.
    Tracking and analyzing your clicks will also help you get information about keywords which can generate better results at a very little investment. Using these keywords you can also create more pages which can further boost your overall money generated through this website.

Although Adsense marketing looks a very simple task but actually it is a very complex and complicated one. To get better results it requires lots of patience, discipline and hard work. Nothing can be achieved in a very short period of time. You have to keep track of the progress of your website and keep developing it as per the need and requirements to get best results.