Duplicate Content With Mobile Sites No Need to Worry: Google

Everybody knows the importance of mobile website, whether it is a responsive or m.com website. Webmasters and search engine SEOs are in doubt with m.com version of website which serves the same content as desktop version.

Responsive website or the same URL, removes this duplicate issue, but what about different URL or M DOT website. Is it good approach for mobile users?

mobile duplicate content

mobile duplicate content

Google’s John Mueller response in the webmaster help thread, don’t worry about duplicate content of mobile versions website.

Here what he said “You don’t have to worry about duplicate content — definitely not when it comes to mobile versions when they’re annotated appropriately. In your case, you’re using the same URLs anyway, so that wouldn’t be an issue anyway. Serving different HTML for smartphone users is fine (we call it “dynamic serving” in our docs). Our main recommendation in this case is to use the “Vary” HTTP header so that the pages don’t get cached in one or the other format (so that desktop users accidentally end up with the smartphone version, or vice-versa).”