Benefits of Social Media in Search Engine Optimization

Social media is a blanket term to describe websites and web tools which allow for user communication and interaction. Some examples of social media sites are MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Digg and Twitter. These websites allow their users to create profiles, upload and share content with other users.
Social media websites play a crucial role in search engine optimization. Let’s discover the benefits of social media in SEO.

Divert Traffic to your Website

Social media can divert two kinds of traffic to your website – primary and secondary traffic. Primary traffic consists of people who visit your website directly from the social media sites. Secondary traffic consists of bloggers and other social media users who link to your site after having gone through the content on it. Once they are linked to you, they can generate traffic from their website to yours.

Viral Link Building, Bookmarking & Sharing

If your website is popular on social media websites, you can get a large number of high quality links. If you add high quality content to these websites, you can also get editorial links from fellow bloggers and social media participants. These editorial links are extremely precious and they are not for sale. You can also submit high quality articles to social various bookmarking sites where the visitors will get the opportunity to read, review and vote on your articles leading to more exposure for your website.

Once the links to your websites grow, you will get more and more visitors and repeat visitors to your site.
Some Other Benefits

Social media websites can be a great way to increase your website traffic. They are cost-effective and provide high returns. Social media optimization is a low risk enterprise and turns out to be far more effective that traditional internet marketing methods. Social media optimization in India focuses on generating natural links and can work hand in hand with other methods of diverting traffic to your website.