68% Of SEOs Do Their Work Without Log File Analysis

SEO Log File Poll: SEOs how they do their job with or without log files. I discussed how log files can be an awesome way to uncover SEO issues including crawling, indexing, and even some ranking issues.

The poll showed that most SEOs, 68%, are doing their SEO services without looking at log files. We had over 350 responses and even with my poll disclaimer, the results are pretty revealing.

Almost 30% of SEOs actually said they do not need log files to do their job and an additional 38% said they would use them if they got them, but they “rarely” are able to get the log files. Only 15% said they always get the log files and 18% said they often get them.

SEO Log File Poll

Main Source: https://www.seroundtable.com/seo-log-file-poll-24599.html